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About Us

Diamond Visions, Inc. is an industry leading wholesale distributor of the best selling products in counter displays (PDQ/POS).

Our Customers:

We sell our products to thousands of loyal customers. These customers are retailers, wholesalers, and non-profit organizations.

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Our Products:

Since our founding in 2005 we have developed a product line of over one thousand items.

COB LEDs & LEDs: Flashlights, worklights, light switches, cap lights, head lights & more

Cell Phone Accessories: Chargers, cables, headphones, mounts, styluses & more

Tool Displays: Screwdrivers, pliers, tape measures, knives, brushes, pick-up tools & more

Eyewear: Sunglasses, reading glasses & accessories

Housewares: Scissors, spatulas, brushes, dusters, scrapers & more

Toys: Balls, glow toys, summer/outdoor toys & more

Other major product categories include keychains, sunny jigglers, extendables, wallets and dog toys.

In addition to our counter displays, we also have a line of hand tools, Max Force Tools®.

Trade Shows:

Trade shows are a great place to see and order our products. We exhibit our product lines at the Ace Hardware, True Value Hardware, Orgill, Do It Best, ASD, Worldwide, and TMC trade shows multiple times a year. Click here for information about the dates, locations, and booth numbers of the shows.

Contact Us:

Call us at 866-965-0700 if you have any questions about our company, products or website.

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